I have the pleasure of working with many wonderful clients. Here is what some have said…

I’ve come to understand and appreciate what a huge difference good physical therapy can make in your life after a personal injury occurs. I’ve had my share of sports related injuries over the years. The thought of limited or inability to continue with my favorite outdoor activities was very disheartening.
Carol Gordon’s integrated manual therapy and other PT methodologies have enabled me to recover quickly and keep “playing.” The PT sessions are stress free, the exercise programs clear, simple to understand, and easy to perform at home. Carol’s expertise has allowed me to continue doing what I enjoy without compromise.
~ Richard, Hartford, CT

Carol Gordon is a gifted physical therapist who is also one of the kindest, most compassionate people I have ever met. To say that I was fortunate to have been treated by her is an understatement. Carol combines traditional practices with alternative methods of treatment to tailor individualized therapy to each of her clients, based on their specific needs. Each person receives customized care, (not a standardized protocol) to address the root of their problem, not just treat the symptoms.
~ D.C., Connecticut

Before I found Carol, I had been treated for two months by two different physical therapists, during which time my condition worsened. I had been seen by eight medical doctors, who shook their heads sympathetically and referred me on to the next specialist. My diagnosis was a rare disorder, which nobody knew how to treat.
~ Debbie, Glastonbury, CT

When we first met, everything on my body hurt. I could not be touched because my central nervous system was so extremely sensitive. I could only stand up for four hours each day. Carol patiently and deliberately applied her professional knowledge to get me to the point where I can be upright and productive throughout the day.
~ Cindy, Newington, CT

Carol is a trailblazer in the field of physical therapy and an expert in integrative manual therapy. She is confident yet empathetic in her approach to complex problems. I don’t know where I would be without her skills and expertise.
~ Linda, West Hartford, CT

Carol helped me during pregnancy with problems like chronic UTIs and more – enabling us to get through the pregnancy without preterm labor – for the first time! Thank God!
~ M.S., New York

Carol is a therapist of dreams, of hope, and inspiration. She has golden hands and an amazing character. With one touch she knows exactly what’s happening in the deepest corners of the human body.
~ H.M., New York

Carol is a great therapist as well as a very pleasant person. Her office is very inviting and we always look forward to our next session.
~ R.M., West Hartford, CT

I am the mother of seven children. Carol is the best thing that could happen to me and my family. She helped each of my children get rid of pains and enabled them to have proper posture. She is the most gifted therapist in the universe! I hope all mothers will find someone like Carol.
~ B.M., New York

As a mother of a child with a condition, I can truly say that Carol was the best source I could hope to find. My son had severe asthma, chronic pneumonias, feeding issues, severe open mouth posture, low tone and lack of endurance. Carol helped him thrive and outgrow his illness. She is a miracle worker.
~ M.F., New York

Carol uses her knowledge, understanding and experience of anatomy and movement to relieve my back pain, hip pain and stiffness and restore my mobility. This allows me to lead an active life at home and at work. Her “homework” (personalized stretching and exercise routines) help maintain the pain relief and mobility achieved by her manual therapy. Carol has given me my life back.
~ L.P., Connecticut

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